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Girls’ Schools are considered to be innovators where best practises specifically for the teaching girls draws upon decades of tradition while embracing the changes in a modem society. Girls’ schools know that students who are given access to best resources and who are led to understand that serious schooling is theirs for the undertaking are students who do not tum their back on life. This exactly is the culture of a girls’ school and time spent within one is an investment for life. Anecdotal evidence and opinions are not enough proof.


Girls’ schools prepare girls for the complex and rapidly changing world they will face. Girls’ schools don’t just offer equal opportunities but every opportunity.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make. In this highly competitive world there are many options. So why choose a girls’ school?

Leadership and confidence

In a girls’ only school, girls have more leadership opportunities – they encounter role models of female leadership daily and are encouraged to take on leadership roles. They develop teamwork skills, public speaking skills and are encouraged to participate in, lead, and influence all facets of school life. 

High academic performance

Girls in a girls’ only school are more likely to achieve academically. Rowe’s study shows that students from single sex schools far outperform those of comparative ability in co-ed schools.

A culture of achievement and ambition

Positive role models, strong support and mentoring, and an emphasis on developing individual potential creates a culture of achievement. Girls are challenged to achieve their full potential, and feel that they can do anything. 

Countering gender stereotypes 

Female graduates from girls’ only schools rate themselves as more confident and successful in areas that have traditionally been the domain of male students – mathematics, computers and engineering. 

Best teaching practice

There is strong evidence to suggest that boys and girls learn differently. Girls’ only schools recognise the advantages of providing education specifically for girls and how they learn best.

Girls mature at their own pace

Co-ed schools are not best equipped to accommodate the different cognitive, social and developmental growth rates of girls and boys. Free from the distractions and stresses of co-ed environments, girls’ only schools provide a safe environment where girls can express themselves freely, develop their own interests, and take intellectual risks free of embarrassment. 

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